Q: I didn't get my email on the 2nd Monday of the month that allows me to join the MI Case Review.

A: We are so sorry to hear that! Please check your junk mail or spam filter to see if it got caught there. If so, please add us to your list of "safe email". If not, please contact us at info@qconsulthealthcare.com and we will fix the problem asap!

Q: I submitted my response to Phase I and I thought of a better response. Can I go back in and change it?

A: No worries! You will get the opportunity to tweak your response during Phase II after seeing your teammates' responses. 

Q: I'm going to be off work when the case review first starts up [on the 2nd Monday of the month]. Will I still get a chance to participate if I don't turn in my response for Phase 1?

A: Absolutely! We know your life is busy. Even if you don't respond to a phase, we will send you all the phases and summary for the case review.