Motivational Interviewing Case Review

Q-consult is happy to present MI Case Review as a follow-up activity after motivational interviewing training to build your skillset.

MI Case Review is a time- and cost-effective way for you and your team to continue to grow their skill-set in motivational interviewing. It’s collaborative, engaging, and offers lots of flexibility and customization. It’s best to use this service as a follow-up activity, after you have received motivational interviewing training.

As you may already know, MI demands a complex skill-set. It’s like learning to play a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, or learning to play a difficult sport like golf. People need ongoing practice and feedback after initial training.

It’s easy to get going. If you are an individual, you join in with our community-based MI Case Review where we offer a generic health coaching scenario each month. If you are an organization, we can tailor your experience, and you can even create your own case scenario if you’d like.

In Phase 1, each participant receives an email inviting them to respond to an online case study. They are assigned to a team, where everyone’s identify is blinded to build confidence.

In Phase 2, participants receive all the anonymous responses from their teammates. Now they have a chance to refine, tweak, and resubmit their response.

In Phase 3, participants receive the final responses and are invited to “like” the responses that they could see themselves using.

Lastly, a summary goes out with all the results and feedback from a moderator with suggestions for this case.

Here is a sample of a case review that could go out to participants on our community-based MI Case Review.

Participants benefit from MI Case Review because they get to apply MI in challenging scenarios. And since the case studies can be customized, it feels practical and relevant. Participants in different time zones can engage in an efficient and easy manner. Lastly, they receive feedback from both their teammates and moderator which fosters learning and skill development.

We have reasonable costs for this service according to whether you are an individual or part of a group. We offer discounts for MINTies, groups with 5 or more participants, or if you sign up for an annual membership.